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Wenqing Yan
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
The art and ramblings of a disillusioned idealist.

I'm a digital artist, graphic novelist, and UC Berkeley grad with a focus on environmentalism and cyber activism.
I've illustrated and authored numerous graphic novels and plushed a few books. I'm currently working on the Axent Wear cat ear headphones that I designed.

When I'm not drawing away or dealing with the unpleasant business side of running a headphones company, I enjoy sculpting, hiking, and experimenting with aquaponics.

I finally got a Patreon after all these years! I was actually pretty scared that I might disappoint people if my hand pain flared up too often and prevented me from drawing, which is why I waited so many years until after I’ve recovered more.

Now that I’m healthier, I’m really excited to be on Patreon :D I’ll be sharing a lot of exclusive behind the scene stuff on there, from wip to secret projects and storyboard of my comics. Other rewards include HD files of my paintings and comic panels (without text for max art enjoyment), as well as full painting process videos and even 3D models that you can play with :)

Please help support the continuation of my art and comics at

Thank you!


Draw this again! - Sprinkle of Stars

Did another redraw of an older painting, but this time it's only 3 years apart, not 10. Less has changed but still changed :) I've been really into redoing my old work lately, it's really interesting to see the differences.

HD file and video process of this painting will be on my for June 

Draw this again! - Flower Maiden

Haha a lot has changed in a decade! Though the new one is just a speed paint so it could have been better. I cringe at my older drawings orz

The HD version of this image & full 5 hour video process will be available on my as June reward :) 

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Better Tomorrow by yuumei Life's Journey by yuumei Dream Big! by yuumei Boundless by yuumei Our Blue Planet by yuumei

I made a video tutorial for my painting Our Blue Planet :D watch it for free here…

Clear+2 by yuumei
DfRDTTfVAAAad12 by yuumei
My booth at Anime Next right now! :D Come find it in the Exhibit Hall B at booth 504!

Come Find Me

New painting created by using a combination of photos, filters, and good old fashion painting by hand. I took the photo while traveling in Hong Kong and the dizzying lights of the city night inspired this scene.

HD file and video process of this painting is on my

Part of this series

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Still Waiting by yuumei Under The Overpass by yuumei Lost Me by yuumei At The Crossroads by yuumei ShinSekai by yuumei
Instagram by yuumei
Hey everyone! My awesome friend Jonathan will be selling my art for me at Anime Next starting Friday. He'll be in the Exhibit Hall B at booth 504, you can go hang out and weeb out about anime with him :D 

Follow Me

I finished another painting of Fantine and Lala from Dream Without Dream, a children's book that I'll be making in the future. This one is partially inspired by BBC's Blue Planet II documentaries. I've been watching them the past few days and I'm just so in love with the ocean <3

The HD file and process video of this painting will be available on my

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Over and Under by yuumei Dream Big! by yuumei Boundless by yuumei Before I Grow Up by yuumei Falling into Dreamland by yuumei

This painting is inspired by my recent trip to China. Growing up there I always had poor health and would cough up a lot of phlegm, and every time I went back I would bring a smog mask. This time I forgot to pack mine, so the first few days back I thought I could just tough it out. I ended up developing a fever, coughing none stop, and my lungs burned so much.

As a child I didn't even notice the pain because I was so used to it, but now I couldn't even survive a few days. My SO who went with me also developed headaches and fever. Luckily we got masks a few days later and recovered. During the trip, we also visited the Giant Panda Breeding Center in Chengdu, and the area was covered in plants and bamboo. The better air quality was so noticeably better that I wish I could have just covered my mouth with those plants. 
After coming back to the US, I had art block and repainted this idea many times. Initially I wanted to add the city and other people in the background, but it didn't work with the composition. I ended up scrapping everything 5 times before using zemotion 's beautiful photos as a reference point to finish this. I still like my old idea of showing the city covered in smog, so maybe I'll go back and paint that as well sometime. 
It's been a bittersweet experience visiting my homeland again after so many years. So much has improved yet so much has worsened. I hope one day the smog will clear and the censorship will lighten, but unfortunately I don't see that happening very soon. 

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Better Tomorrow by yuumei Re-Imagine by yuumei Countdown by yuumei Guilty by yuumei Black Black Heart by yuumei
Dd WiXSVAAA7kbl by yuumei
New wallscrolls! :D I can't wait to see everyone at #Fanime 
this weekend! Find me in the Artist Alley at table 1202

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
yuumei has been a member of our community for over 10 years, and certainly made her mark throughout the digital art community during this time. Beautifully detailed and carefully matched color palettes make up her distinctive gallery of inspiring artwork. Yuumei's helpful tutorials and comments of encouragement to other artists have helped many artists grow, and therefore we can't think of a better way to recognize such a wonderful deviant than by bestowing the Deviousness Award for October 2013 to yuumei!
-awarded October 2013


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