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Sarolonde Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your art is so freaking amazing, I absolutely love it!  I've seen your pieces floating around the internet for ages now and I finally found you!I am a dummy! 

Can't wait to see more :happybounce: 
bbvzla Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Tus obras son realmente maravillosas... y muy inspiradoras... Tienes mucho talento... Lo que más me impresiona... es como resaltas los ojos... tanto que te atrapan al observarlos... Sigue cosechando éxitos... Dios te Bendiga el talento...!!! (❛‿❛✿̶̥̥)
DarkMasterDesing Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Student General Artist
heya Venezuela arriba, buena manera de observarlo a mi sólo me cautivan los colores x su calidad de definición y también su estilo artístico combinado con ese hermoso estilo anime
bbvzla Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Mil gracias paisano... Bienvenido a mi Galería...!!!Como buena venezolana... amo los colores... Y me siento feliz por tus palabras... Dios te Bendiga Grande y Abundantemente...!!! (❛‿❛✿̶̥̥)
rolex456987 Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  New Deviant
Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to reading your next post. tiendas online
bbvzla Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Gracias...!!! (❛‿❛✿̶̥̥)
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bbvzla Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Bienvenido a mi galería Jou...!!! (❛‿❛✿̶̥̥)
Y cuál es tu trabajo y tu tema amigo...? Me encantaría compartirlo contigo...!!!
TanaeArt Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015
Your art is amazing, inspiring, and touching in so many ways. I could sit here for days and explore your gallery. Beautiful works. :heart:
Affyman Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015
I can't help but feel a great amount of regret whenever I look at your work. I'm don't think that I'm a very creative person and I haven't got much drive or motivation, I guess I'm complacent with what I have. But whenever I look at your work I can't help but be reminded that in my twenty years on earth I haven't done anything to feel proud of. Your work highlights faults in society that we as members of humanity can change but choose not to or dreams I may have felt as a teenager. I do feel that I've wasted a good quarter of my life watching movies or playing video games when I could have been out making lasting memories.
I could blame some of it on where I live. Around here there isn't much people do other than get drunk or stay inside outside of work or school. But, I'm off to university in two months studying Video Game Design, I hope to make something of myself. Being away from the constraints of family and away from this grey town will help me become my on person and find out who I am, I hope.
I may have started late, without much to show for my teenage years, but I'm looking on enjoying life while I'm still young (I am only twenty). But throughout it all I'll have the images of your pictures in my head and remember that life is a great gift I'll be sure to make the most of it and try and help others along the way. Then maybe I won't feel any regrets the next time I look at your pictures.
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