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February 7, 2010
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This is a short omake for Ch1 of my project: Knite

Chapter 2 can be read here

Translations to other languages can be viewed here :iconknites:
If you are interested in translating Knite, please read this [link] Thank you!

I forgot to mention when I posted Ch1 that there will be an omake for every chapter :D This is where I put all the humorous scenes that don't flow with the main chapter theme. It'll also contain some character insight that I can't squeeze into the chapter.

Sen just hates those scandalous politicians XD

Drawn in Paint tool SAI, texture added in Photoshop, flash comic programmed in Macromedia Flash.
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Haha, Kai is a beautiful person <3
Sehe Apr 4, 2014  New member
ah ! I didn't know it was possible to use Photoshop texture with Paint Tool Sai ( or I don't understand U_U' ) ! 
she saved the work in PSD file, then added the texture in PS (my english is a shit) 
Sehe Apr 16, 2014  New member
Thank you very much !
That's very kind of you ^^
( my english is a big shit too XD )
Sehe Apr 4, 2014  New member

I've just come across your account. But it's enough to say it all already.
I fell in love with your art.
How to tell you this so you understand? I simply can't.
Because what I wanted to tell you is too strong to be described in words. But I'll try. Actually: I venerate your work. Sakata Gintoki  (Worship) [V1]  

Ok, I'm not a fabulous artist. But when I see things like that .. I tell myself that I have to continue again and again to improve myself even more.

So thank you. Thank you to these beautiful things which make me dream and makes me want to make progress just to thank you.


And this story is .. just amazing. Everything is well thought out, everything is so applied .... I am a fan.

Knite is not just a story, it is a world, a universe, a whole atmosphere, a dream in which one we are immersed at first glance.

So, thank you. Thank you veru very much for this.  Nosebleed 
Aoi-Yanagi-Chan Feb 19, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
Facepalm Seriously Kai? You try to bribe Sen with 'icecream'?!

Can I have some?:Please:
Nice bonus! I liked it when Sen retaliated with 'Don't try to bribe me!' and hit him on the head XD lol!
XxBIGGIESBEARHUGSxX Feb 8, 2014  New member Student Artist
the end was weird

Kai is precious :3
I'm crying because I'm so in love...
Neonfoxy1 Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I for some strange reason think that Sen and I would make amazing friends. I showed a friend this series and I'm not even kidding she said "You and that Sen guy would be like a match made in Heaven or something if he was a real person." After she said that I slapped her.
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