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Inspirations for Fisheye Placebo: Intro by yuumei Inspirations for Fisheye Placebo: Intro by yuumei

People always ask me where do I get my inspirations, so I hope this post will answer some of those questions :) If you haven't read the intro yet, you can find it here [link] :D

I was supposed to finish and post Ch0 -part 1 last Saturday, but due to the sudden news about going Sakura-con, I had to prepare for that instead ^^; (more info here [link] )

Further readings and sources:

:bulletblue: Jake Davis - [link] [link]
:bulletblue: HBGary scandal - [link] [link]
:bulletblue: Bradley Manning - [link] [link]
:bulletblue: Leaked Collateral Murder video [link]
:bulletblue: Pepper Spray Cop meme [link] [link]
:bulletblue: Berkeley students beaten by police [link]
:bulletblue: Occupy Oakland [link] [link]
:bulletblue: Arab Spring [link] [link]
:bulletblue: Jacob Appelbaum speaks about Tor and censorship [link]
:bulletblue: Chinese internet pop-up cops [link] [link]
:bulletblue: Very Erotic, Vert Violent meme [link]

For more promotional art and character designs, check out the Fisheye Placebo gallery [link]

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Ayior Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Professional Filmographer
You just earned a lot of my respect for being politically active like that :salute:
Skitch0616 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Student General Artist
Wow--I did some research myself (though this is now in the _past_) and all I can express is shock. I'm a newly legal adult (age wise that is) so of course I was sheltered from some of the scary things that go on in the world. Seeing this story, originally I thought it was works of fiction entirely. Now, I *wish* it were only fiction. Very enticing themes though; makes me want to be a spy!

*walkie-talkie static* The CG Cy-Girls Division is now active!
:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: 
Eyelordcakeless Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
two words. actually, two terms. "power trip" and "humanity itself"
TheDeviantSketcher Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
TheDarkAngelEmpire Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Student Artist
Damn that is one hell of a reference and inspiration... 
Shatter-Cat Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Student General Artist
Sometimes those who arrest are worse than those arrested 
CrystalBluefox Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Politic at the most cruelest way. This... is so much different than what's going on in Denmark. Here it happens that it's the police who's in danger of brutal violence, but that's not even when people is protesting about something. Protests often goes pretty quietly, the police respects the people to say and show what they mean, as long as they wont start destroying things and put other peoples life in danger.
It's when there are soccer games in town and two rivalry groups, who each supports their own soccer teams. When each group clashes, there'll be war among them, they fight and destroys everything around them, they doesn't care if they hurt others or destroys the shops or cars or whatever is in the near of them. And they gives shit about the police. Sometimes, a group of people are only showing up for these soccer games, just to make trouble and fight and ruin things. Often they doesn't even care about the game itself. It cost the country millions of danish kroner to reinforce the police, just to make sure that these two groups wont crash and destroy everything around them. Why wanting to destroy things? No matter of what, in the end it does nothing but bites those troublemakers back in their asses.
Why all this war and destruction?
Why can't people respect each other, instead of tearing each other down?
Why hurt, when you can help?
Why not share, instead of greedily take everything for yourself?
We all want peace, we each and everyone says... but then again; do we all really want that?
Why is goodness and kindness so hard to produce? Some people can... why can't all take by learning from those?
My grandfather once told me a troublesome thing; "As long as there are two people on this planet, there will be war."
How disturbingly true, sadly  enough.
I like your drawings and I like how you stand strong, like so many other brave souls, for peoples rights and freedom.
My great grandfather once stood like that, during 2. World War. I can proudly say that he was one of the freedom fighters, sadly, he was never mentioned among the great names... but he did 'it'; he stood strong to fight for freedom and peoples rights, no matter what nation you're from! 
Myrethy Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
There is often a massive difference between the idea of the police… and the people in those uniforms. 

Sometimes they are good people who really do uphold the concept of the police-who-protect.

And sometimes they are just as bad - if not worse than - the people they are supposed to be protecting us from. 
CallmeLilith Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eres absolutamente asombroso. No tengo palabras.
Artheku Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
Es una mujer ;)
CallmeLilith Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahora lo se, en el momento en el que lo puse no lo sabia, pero gracias 😄
NightFaLLOtaku Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Student Writer
Nice one, the following stories are too intense and the truth about in this world. 
CrookedCosmonaut Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Police, by definition are meant to be good people, but you get the wrong person in the uniform and give them the wrong orders an training, it can lead to some very horrible things. 
MelanoTReX Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The message is clearly shown in your art.
Transocute Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
this is so unfair.. and i thought police were the good people

thank you so much for sharing the information!
Alice-Shinigami Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The censoring of the websites reminds me of when I tried to get to a website called thinkgeek, but I accidentally typed in geekthink, and it came up as 'Forbidden' and it said I didn't have permission to access it.
Finasol Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
This just reminds me of how blessed I am to live where I live. Violence like this rarely happens in my town, if at all. This kind of injustice happening in other parts of the world is just...maddening.
AK-I-T Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like one little riot (compared to these riots) and the whole country is shocked and freaked out
madcom13 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Its a good list of real world reference. This story is an eye opener to the reader, and i love the way you present it in the most  gorgeous way possible for a web comic. I understand and agreed about the ideas about the protest and the hacks, the violence and destruction that follows, yet i have no skill to present it to the world like you are. So yeah, this kind of Story is what i really want to see. And you've done it very great!!
 Cheers, can't wait to see the ">>> Next (tbc)" button become ">>> Next"
Calycia Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my gosh...I never knew things like this happen... I live in Australia and so we never hear of these things. All this propaganda and political injustice is maddening. So many people killed and injured no matter what they do...
It is a brilliant idea to base your comic on these things and my friends and I have been loving your work! :)
WhoreLenore Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey I live in Australia too and this kind of stuff happens of here too. All the mass media is owned by a handful of capitalist conservatives who keep a pretty tight reign on what they deem we are "allowed" to see and our corrupt politicians let it happen because they are racking in the profits too. As for propaganda merely look to the front page of the Courier Mail or The Australia and see the racist filth they spew as headlines. Political injustice? Tony Abbott is our Prime Minister... that is unjust all on its own, without evening bringing up the education and welfare cuts, the destruction of the environment for a profit we as the workers and taxpayers never see, the rampant tax evasion from the rich through loop holes that the government refuses to fix (So Gina Rinehart and Rupert Murdoch contribute less to society via tax than their secretaries; who is being payed a tiny margin of what the rich pay anyway) and finally our 'leader' (which I use in the broadest terms possible) is throwing away millions of tax payers money to fight a war in a country still so desolated from our last interference to supposedly 'stop terrorists' (though, sickeningly, we won't let those fleeing from these countries because of war find refuge in our own)  but won't send humanitarian aid to the hundreds of thousands of innocent people dying from Ebola. If you want to see political injustice, my friend, merely look around your own country... our fight is here just as much as it is across the globe and it is only when we are united as one we can stand to free all of humanity from poverty, injustice and violence and most of all fight for our freedom.

Wow... sorry haha got a little carried away there....

Calycia Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ranting is all fine by me! it was inspirational anyways. my family don't watch the news anymore because of all this stuff so I've been living under a rock for a while... well, after that i don't think it matters where we are, there's always something wrong. I'm an optimist so i try my hardest to be happy with what we've got. a song that would do well right now would be Where is the Love? by The Black Eyed Peas. Others should definitely hear what you have to say- your words hold a lot of worth. :)
WhoreLenore Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you :) even if by me ranting at you and you've read it you are doing a lot better than 90% of the world who just don't even think at all. So right on for thinking!! :D

And remember political apathy is the death of democracy.
th-eatrics Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what is the font used here?
Shadowlord-Ookami Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014
I didn't know if you were aware of it or not, but your comic is on tenmanga.…
oscars11 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
i have complained about it so i hope they ask for permission to host the comic
From-Time Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
This happens all the time in my home town, it's no surprise... 
angiepictures Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i would like to say that in spain there was a similar situation where hundreds of students were beaten by the police. The policemen didn't wear the badge with their licence number, wich means you could not bring suit against them. The police men went to the hospitals to scare the dostors and they tried to stop them from writing the reports of the injuries. Spain  is supposed to be a democracy, but it really felt like some kind of dictature.
Artheku Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
Lo recuerdo... y cosas peores han pasado.
Somashicksal Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
By the way, if you pay close attention you'll see that those infact are the Muslim brotherhood supporters dressed up as military personnel who were undressing the woman. I have seen them do it countless of times, it's a trick they use in order to tarnish the reputation of the Egyptian Military. If you don't believe me then go onto any website belonging to an Egyptian news channel and see for yourselves, it's all live and all true. And i forgot to mention, all those people ''supposedly killed'' by the Egyptian Military are not actually dead. I want you guys to search them all and i bet that you cant find more than 20 or 30 while they're claiming that 5000 have been killed but i can tell you the name of every police officer,detective and soldier killed by the hands of the Muslim brotherhood protestors.… check out the link and you'll get a preview of what the Muslim Brotherhood can be like
ArianaPL Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
In recet years I have really bee interested in the flaw of "the system" and your work conveys these things that mere words cant.
JenDrowned Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
Did this come as inspiration if possible?…
Nightcool Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Wow... because I was a brat in 2011, I didn't understand things that well. But now I do think I have recollection of this. Either way, it's depressing to hear how people die for what they either go against, or go with.
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