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Guilty by yuumei Guilty by yuumei

With wings of death
And crown of black
A sea monster more terrifying
Than any creature of the deep
Is this the epitome of man?
All pride for greedy production
So serene in self-destruction
If suicide is a crime
We would all be guilty

The Problem:

:bulletred: Bycatch is all the unwanted animals that accidentally get caught in fishing nets and lines. An estimated 300,000 whales, dolphins and porpoises die as bycatch each year, because they are unable to escape when caught in nets. 100,000 albatrosses are killed by longline fisheries every year and because of this, many species are facing extinction. Bycatch victims also include sea turtles, sharks, and other marine mammals.…

:bulletred: More than 100 million sharks are killed each year for their fins. Endangering many species who have suffered a population decline of 90-99%. To put that in perspective, imagine 9 out of every 10 person you know is dead. In comparison, only a few people are killed each year by sharks. That’s right, more people die from falling coconuts than sharks.…

:bulletred: Globally 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles, and 1 million sea birds die every year from ingesting or becoming entangled in marine debris.…

:bulletred: Oil spills happen everyday. About 20,000 oil spills are reported to the U.S. government annually, and that’s just America. It’s hard to estimate how many occur globally since not all spills are even reported. As long as we rely on fossil oil, spills will happen everyday and everywhere, but they happen so often that they don’t even make the news. Not only do the oil spills kill wildlife, but they also pollute the water and food chain, meaning the fish we eat contains toxins from the oil spills.…

The Solution::

:bulletgreen: Pick up your trash. It’s not that hard. Don’t just throw plastic bags and other crap on the street. It’s going to get washed into the streams and oceans where it can choke and kill many endangered wildlife.

:bulletgreen: Recycle what you can. Those plastic bottles can be made into other things so don’t just trash them, recycle them.

:bulletgreen: Be conscious of what you eat. It’s nothing extreme like becoming a vegan. Helping endangered animals can be as simple as buying the right kind of seafood. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has many guides and free pocket books on which seafood is eco friendly to eat, and there are plenty of choices so it’s not the end of the world for your stomach, and better yet, it’s not going to be the end of the world for those endangered species.…

:bulletgreen: Switch to a hybrid car if you can, or try to use more public transportation. You’ll save money on gas, and save the environment from toxic spills and global warming. Not only that, you can buy food from your local farmers market where food is locally grown, and not transported across the world by burning petroleum.

:bulletgreen: Lastly, spread the word. Education is the best cure. Many people don’t watch what they eat simply because they’re unaware of the environmental damage humans are causing. People need to understand that helping the environment is simply helping themselves. Once the over fished tuna goes extinct, and all the other animals that eat tuna also dies off, what’s there left for us? So even if you don’t care about the animals themselves, do it for yourself and your children. Don’t let anyone stay ignorant, because the future they ruin will be your future as well. Spread the word, reblog, share, tweet, word of mouth, do what you can to cure ignorance.

Thank you!

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jackmen1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
Bycatch is all the unwanted animals that accidentally get caught in fishing nets and lines. HSV Erase Review
AblazedEnigma Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Your art is soooo deep... It beautiful 
AmphotericZenki Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015
Absolutely Love it. I used to walk down some paths in public parks on my days off and pick up peoples trash by the river. It is no joke. I thought, even if I just save one fish, it's progress. Will it change the world? No. But everything starts with an idea, right?
Love your portrayal of this. It brings hope.
purpletenshi Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
I did something similar at my old apartments and the nearby park. These days I make sure my sibling know how to properly dispose of trash and recycle. Even the youngest (Just under 2 years) knows how to throw things away and take care of her messes. Here's to hoping in the future, and making the most of today *raises her refillable water bottle*
Catnip70 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
that is beautiful, depressing, and compelling
Coska-Chan Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
sad and true... :<
AuroraLaLune Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hm, you forgot over fishing and radiation spills, I know those had already been happening back when you posted this. Their are however more recent ones. That last one is estimated to have a long-lasting effect. Evidently Japan has had some.... issues when it comes to containment of their radiation in plants. Entire cities are abandoned. Same in China. It is estimated though that this last one will end up with radiation around the globe through the oceans. Mutated and dead fish have washed up by countless numbers. The damage is still unable to be predicted in the long term. Some creatures adapt however even those that try are dying, many species will go extinct as a result of this one spill alone. And we don't even know how long till it ends as despite what people used to say way back, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still not able to be lived in. Radiation is still present. The polar ice caps are already melting at increased speeds without this(despite denials by politicians who want things that will make it worse, that global warming exists) and many species go extinct every day. 

Their is evidence found on mars now that their was some sort of nuclear reaction of some kind, natural or war, they think war, that decimated it. Their is now evidence the stories my parents used to tell me when I was little have some truth to them, about people on the moon and mars etc etc etc. They have no estimate for how far back it might have been or at least have not published it, but only now is it being said that life is returning to mars as small organisms have been discovered. Hope from this for our own planet is slim. After all, no hint has been told of what happened to any life that may have been on mars before, so it has undoubtedly been a very long time. 

Scientifically speaking, if you look at areas effected by the bombs in japan, the land is still deteriorating in ways. Less stable, more natural disasters, evidently more human related disasters in japan now which makes me wonder about some things... I mean overall, it is just a bad situation though they won't let us into it. Last I talked to a Japanese national they yelled at me through a game chat a couple years ago saying I, being bi, was the reason for child molesters, people who wanted to screw animals, gay people, and every other 'sexual deviant' in existence. Since then I have done some research, they are much more xenophobic(though it is more of a socially outcast and alienate you until you leave sort of thing-some people stay anyway) and purist about their bloodlines and whatnot in japan than one might believe by the beautiful anime that comes from that country. Their birth rate is so low because of such people, and because anyone of Korean descent is treated as if they are not a citizen and not allowed to vote etc etc etc no matter how many generations they have lived in japan... turns out all the terrible conflict between people in anime.. is probably just a beautiful rendition of some very ugly truths. If you are different in japan, you are seen as 'not Japanese' and anyone who is 'not Japanese' is seen as flawed, imperfect, and otherwise not worthy of the same treatment. While beautiful to look at, internally speaking, it is a rather ugly way to be. Some beautiful people come from japan, don't get me wrong, but... I have to doubt anything that looks so beautiful and contains so much ugliness. Evidently the person from japan I talked to blamed us for Japanese nationals mistakes, for the deaths caused by an oversight by their own people... and she proclaimed this as a common view. That all their problems come from anyone but them, that their mistakes are not theirs but ours, that for some reason even when no Americans or American technology are present, it is still our fault. Because it gets to a point some people just cannot admit they aren't perfect and Japanese apparently believe they are perfect, that people who are 'pure Japanese' are perfect. I have talked to a lovely woman I became friends with who moved from japan, a Japanese girl who came with her mother years ago. Lovely people, very reserved. Discouraged me from ever going to japan. Said it is different than it looks. I told her so is America. She didn't agree with me. It is simple, their are evils here but it is obvious their is no respect by our government and by many people for the environment, is obvious we will destroy ourselves in time, but in japan it does not look like that yet it is a different path of destruction her people take. Then again, perhaps we think that because we both live on a fringe of sorts, one that means we have spent a lot of time on the outside looking in. 

I say, yep, destruction is imminent if people as a whole don't suck it up and work together to change that. My sweet friend agreed last we spoke before losing contact, which can happen sometimes when people move(and we both had moved, though later we met by chance riding the bus, all the people in an insanely large city and we met again, it was a miracle to me because I think she is a beautiful human being inside and out. While others may not like her views, she harms none and wants no harm done. That is enough for me.)... but my question is simple. 

With all this going on... what can we as artists do besides try to give people ideas on what to do about it? I mean, it is more than just environmental, the social wrongs like here in America where people are medicated over things we are supposedly free to choose like religion... I have a friend who was tossed into the mental health system because his family didn't like his religion. Others like me were tossed in as children by cps, because it gets more funding to do so. Because they get funding per person in the system like they get funding per child they take, place, and adopt out. They get more money for forcing parents and children apart permanently so a lot of people who should not lose their children, not only lose them but lose them forever. And the damage to the children is ignored. It is a recipe for disaster. 

Personally, I think a lot is wrong with our world. Near, far, and everywhere in between. It is when people open their eyes and work on it together that it will change though I have long lost faith of that happening. It is funny, when I was younger I had this idealistic view that people who knew it was wrong wouldn't let it keep happening. People have a way of showing you that isn't the case. Even if they know it is wrong many people will do nothing, which is worse than if they had said 'i support this', because the actions are not conductive with anything but 'i support this' even though they know it is wrong and does a lot of damage to a lot of people. 

In general, I feel like at this point I am just waiting to see how the worlds people burn and how much of the earth they take with them, because at this point I don't think their is much else that can happen. I mean, a lot of people are going to die at some point. Overpopulation is something nature or war will take care of, though it worries me that some governments have been caught planning genocides and our own government was one of them with many plans that got released recently and plans to handle things, and the fact in many areas people are training quite openly for something like that worries me. I would much rather natural selection,  not a bloody war with brother killing brother. No matter what they call it, that is what it is. That is what it is when we fight these stupid wars of ours as human beings instead of find middle ground. 

Anyway, my rant... hahaha. 

Our oceans once had clear waters, only blue because they were so deep one could not see the bottom and the sky and the ocean reflected one another till the color was more of a blue. In many areas it was not blue. To my knowledge only one lake clean as water once was still exists and while it looks five feet deep it is much deeper, miles deep. It is somewhere here in America. Tornado alley itself only exists because of deforestation during the industrial era. Their were wind storms that were common, tornado's, but cutting down all the trees and flattening lands that were not flat before disrupted the natural balance. Awhile back people were worried more destruction of mountains here in Arizona would have the same effect, because nothing would be 'breaking' the wind. Wind unfettered is much more dangerous than wind through trees, around mountains, or through a concrete jungle. Still, i prefer the forest and the mountains to the incessant need to build over and pave over everything. The effect was similar scientifically, in many places within tornado alley, as the dust bowl. If you look up the dust bowl you should understand. It is similar to what happens when deforestation of the rain forest happens. The soil cannot simply re grow something because not all soil is the same. Nutrients got blown away without the plants and trees that were present before so new ones are unable to grow where once they were plentiful. Tornado alley once had lots of places like that. A small area tornado's sometimes occurred became a big one, a bigger one, because of what people did. 

So, your right, but also I just wanted to make sure you know. It is worse than that. Some people ignore it, deny it, or simply cannot accept it is happening at all which is a little different than denial by a fine line. Some people simply do not know or care to know. Others know and try in any way they can. Too many people think that they can change how other people think medicating them etc etc etc... I just think if people want to see, they will open their eyes. If they do not, they will keep them closed. It is as simple as that to me. I cannot make them do either. I can talk about it, write about it, and occasionally draw about it in my own way, but I cannot make them open their eyes and remember what they are losing with such atrocious way of living. I cannot make them care. I cannot make them ignore what they want to believe for what is. I cannot make them drop a beautiful lie for the ugly truths that need fixing, that can't be fixed until people get their heads out of their asses and stop trying to push it away for a beautiful lie. That is something my mother explained to me once as a child. no matter how true or rational a fact or set of facts is, you cannot make people listen to it or stop seeing the beautiful lie. you can only hope that someone will of their own free will, choose to open their eyes to the beautiful lie and see the truth. That is all. I can make people see what goes on no more than I can make them see how not seeing makes it worse and allows for more corporate greed to destroy our families, our environment, this worlds cultures and... just so many beautiful truths that once were replaced by ugly truths with beautiful lies to cover them up like make up on large festering bulbous boils. Still obvious but if you choose to ignore it and focus on what your told to or simply choose to... then you can ignore the festering underneath. It fixes nothing and in fact makes things worse, but that is why one of the most dangerous phrases int he world is 'we have always done things this way'. First off, we have not... but... it is an excuse. A dangerous excuse. 

Anyway, beautiful rendition of some of the things wrong and that were wrong during that point. Hate to say it, but it was worse though and has gotten worse since then. You have a gift though, I can't bear to paint that stuff, i start and I just can't. I have been touched too personally by what is wrong with this world too many times for it to be anything but pure pain for me. So I have other ways, maybe not as clear but still they are mine. I wish you luck and lots of love as an artist. Your work is beautiful despite the ugly truths in some of your pieces. 
XXDEADFISHLAUGHXX Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I think you have great insight and a very good argument. I agree with you. The government keeps a lot of information from the people. Have you ever heard of TPP? It's the trans-Pacific Partnership and it affects the US in extreme ways. Here's a journal about it:
Its not an environmental issue but it is an example about how the government really doesn't care all that much about its people, mainly for financial gain.
The Earth is basically setting itself on a path of self destruction in my view. With the depletion of nonrenewable resources (and the higher dependency on them) we are paving the way for a dark future. Take petroleum for example, it is commonly used for fuel, but it is also used to make plastic, paints, and cosmetics. Petroleum is nonrenewable and takes millions of years to form. If we use it all we use it all we loose many things we take for granted currently. I really do think many people are closing their eyes or even purposely ignoring this huge issue. Awareness is a great way to get people to take the first step to opening their eyes. If more people knew about this more would care. Yuumei is a great role-model and uses her popularity to spread awareness about this pressing issue, as well as many others. I'm not good at writing replies and I feel that this is very small and rushed, but you seem like a good person and I feel that you are completely right.
AuroraLaLune Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

Yeah, believe it or not that is the least of what goes on. Well sort of, limiting information though... yeah that has always been part of it. 

Control of information, publishing misconceptions. 

For instance, my grandfather talked about the 'people we can't talk about' back way before snowden and when our government officially admits to having had the NSA, but he was part of intelligence and was a special ops sniper in the air force. Hell, i didn't even know the air force HAD snipers or wouldn't have if he didn't tell me anyway. It isn't something you really hear about. But my grandfather knew people were listened to, knew we probably were as a military family. 

In some of the documents that came out, they label navy brats(my parents were navy) and other kids born to people in or who have been in the military as 'assets'. Their were other documents released proving medical experiments done on people, not that a lot of people didn't suspect as much. I mean THAT many shots to claim it as 'a flu shot'... not gonna happen. All three of my mothers children were born with birth defects, myself included. I was born with more of them, probably because all those shots were given while she was pregnant with me. 

Anyway, a lot of crap goes on, my grandfather growing up just told me to shut my mouth and pretend I didn't notice, because I have this knack for noticing things around me that people don't always want me to. So sometimes I pretend I don't know why something happens when I noticed the cause and effect, the pattern of what happened etc etc etc. I have always been very good at that. My grandfather was afraid someone would realize that for whatever reason. Mom knew, my dad knew and even wanted me enrolled in an early program before he realized the idea of bunnies dying reduced me to tears(yeah, they have programs to get kids started to being soldiers from an early age, your parents sign your right to choose away, an old friend of mine was in it, most families do not opt for it and instead wait and let the person choose but his dad was a total die hard, my mom was the one who told my dad to wait so he started trying to get me started without it... and realized id never do anything but cry when I killed something and be inconsolable for days, to this day that poor dead rabit... but after that I can't complain, till he died he was a great dad, even died in a situation where he was shielding me where if he hadn't, he could have saved himself. I can't say he didn't love me but I wish he had found a way to save himself too. I miss him. I was three when he died and you never stop missing them, even though I forgot him for years the feeling in my heart never went away, I just didn't remember what it meant). 

Most problems in todays world stem back to greed. cps is out of control because it gets money the way it gets money(much of which is unaccounted for once they get it, meaning off the books it just disappears), mental health is another avenue of the same type of crap. People who aren't sick are getting labeled and given more than they need and its seen as normal for them to practice like this now, because they get funding per person and by how much 'treatment' each person gets so they push everything down peoples throats as much as possible. Many people have been in it so long they truly believe they are sick, but what isn't said is that these 'illness's' can be found in brain scans. The brain of someone with schizophrenia looks different. It has certain markers, certain responses... all very physical things in the brain itself. But now it is an excuse, a lot of people get labeled as 'scizo effective' because they told on someone who had the power to have them labeled to discredit them. My grandmother did that to me growing up. Because I tried to tell someone what she did to me. You know what anti psychotics do to someone who isn't psychotic? They make them psychotic. I still have nightmares sometimes about what I would see and hear on those meds, about the voices and how they all echoed her words. My brain wasn't wired for it. It was forced to endure it with the medications that made it happen. I suppose that is why all my voices were repeats of things she had said. It wasn't interacting well with my ptsd, something I actually have. I can analyze the hell out of it but it doesn't seem like it is the same, because my brain isn't that of a schizophrenic or schizo effective persons brain. Worse, some of my connections are slightly stronger. This makes it harder with stuff like that. It isn't the same as with schizophrenia though or anything like that. I don't have bipolar or anything else she had me labeled with to try and make normal kid reactions go away either. Mind you, when cps had me they did it too. Without hesitation. Anyway, they are some giant greed monster that can't even keep their own people from doing horrendous things and even who justify them... they can't even operate with any sort of ethics and have too much power, so how can they do anything good let alone protect children, when all they do is hurt them. So many kids that don't need it get taken and it is to the point cps doesn't even seem to know the difference anymore. And the courts just bow to them rather than stand up to them when they are wrong... it is terrible. And making them an actual branch of government instead of under the department of economic security like they were before... it hasn't made them any better. 

Their are people who have been fighting all the same things since before I was born, but because it got worse when Clinton signed this one bill he signed their are a lot of people who like to pretend this is new, that their weren't people who knew fifty years ago that it was never about the children. That their were people getting away with terrible things in the name of 'child protection' that wasn't protection. Much like how the 'official story' about the NSA is that they have only really been around for a certain amount of time within the last twenty years and that they weren't aloud the unfettered access they have until 9/11. 

Nobody talks about the reports that were released detailing experiments on unwilling people who didn't even know they were being experimented on, so few people talk about the things that were released with this one bill that was signed, how many records were destroyed because they knew it was coming to begin with, or how many atrocities committed against American citizens by our own government... no, they just act like its normal and if we have a problem with it, its because we are sick and need more medication in our water. Oh, did you read those reports? Yeah. Their is medication in the water. Downers, birth control, mostly stuff that makes people more docile, oh and lots of stuff like fluoride, which Hitler used in experiments to make people more susceptible to suggestion, propaganda, and mind control. 

but of course merely talking about this has been socially outcast through systematic measures that are plain to see but are supposed to be subtle. They aren't to me but they are supposed to be. I think anyway. I assume they are supposed to be subtle anyway since my grandfather used to shush me about it and tell me not to talk about it. My mom used to do the same thing but she was fine talking about it in private so long as we also talked about not talking about it in public, but that was before she died when I was eight. Anyway, if you put the pieces together you get labeled as a 'conspiracy theorist' despite the fact all the pieces are their, the paperwork is their, the stuff is their. It is no different than putting any other puzzle or pattern together for me. I'd wager their are a lot of us like that. Maybe that too is mother natures way of trying to get us to adapt and see what is going on so we can stop it, fix it, etc etc etc. 

Anyway, it sounds crazy till you have seen the paperwork releases and read them, till you realize our government doesn't even really see us as human beings anymore or they see themselves as something more... either way it is just all around bad. 

Apparently they came under fire from some groups for some stuff they did in regards to just slipping some people who didn't know they were being given drugs, illegal drugs, homeless people, then put them in a hotel room and locked them in just to see what would happen. When reading the reports it seems more like we are ants and they the mean little kid with the magnified glass seeing how fast it takes to kill us, hurt us, how long we can keep going with xyz limbs burnt off etc etc etc. That would be the comparison. 

What is probably worse is that you can end up on a government watch list just for looking most of this stuff up, which honestly... bites. A friend of mine uses a special browser for it, I forget what it is called but it allows for him to circumvent that. because he plans to do no harm, he just wants to be informed. The searches aren't like Google, which is the way it is because a bunch of people are paid to click to make things more clicked on or they run things to bounce through different devices to simulate it. If you ever browse on your phone and you look at your history after clicking no adds and see a bunch of stuff that makes you go 'wtf', that is what that is. 

Anyway, this world is very fucked up, and yeah... I see the same. The earth will correct the mistakes even if it means wiping us off of the face of the earth, but at the same time... I think perhaps we will have and have already, chances to correct that before it is too late. I don't particularly think it will be a long time more though so... I think being aware of what goes on is important. 

mind you, their are rumors the president pretty much sold us out to china as well, and our national security is out sourced to other countries for the most part... oh and our military has been cut so its too small to defend against any invasions so if it happens, we are screwed especially with the whole federal obsession with disarming people despite constitutional rights and other stuff. Not sure about the selling out to china because I have yet to read the documents about it that were supposedly released and take everything with a grain of salt until I do... but... well the other stuff is true. mind you, the whole thing with so much along our shores being out sourced is not only a security threat, it is a flat out weakness tactically and leaves us wide open, for money. For freaking money. But what does our government care if our people are at risk because of that? Nope, not a care in the world because greedy sons of bitches do not care about anything but more money. mind you, not outsourcing would also create more jobs in our country which would make us more stable economically... but they don't care. Because that doesn't make them rich directly, it just would make our country more stable and serve our country, not them personally. And yeah, if their is a way they can find to make something serve them personally, they do. Way too many buyouts going on. That link? One of many. However... yes, i feel it is important to spread awareness of it and do something about it so is it alright with you if I pass it on? 

and don't worry about your response, i did this one taking breaks between doing different things today. I know sometimes one just doesn't have the time to sit down and do a detailed response, i am simply a stickler for details as well as the big picture. some people don't' know what to make of me because they seem to think a person can't be both. lol hahaha. they wouldn't be so confounded by it if they simply accepted its possible. My dad was a bit sad when I wasn't going to go into the program for kids for the military because he thought I would make an excellent natural tactician. He never realized the same things that makes me good at that is also what makes me upset about things like animals dying etc etc etc. The same things that make me more sensitive even today, are the same things that make me better at putting things together in my head and not missing things people often miss. it is simple as that. 

XXDEADFISHLAUGHXX Featured By Owner Edited Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
All the things you mentioned sound just messed up, I don't really dig into what the government does so I can't really have a decent conversation of how the government is. tbh I had to Google NSA, CPS, and Edward Snowden.

One thing i can say is that the ways the government tries to make things subtle, they aren’t always so subtle, I bet that if you showed 10 people all the proof you had 10 out of 10 people would feel that something is off.

Your grandfather probably didn’t want you to spread it around.

  1.  Many people would probably label you as a raving lunatic, because that’s just what people do when they hear outrageous things that they either want to refuse to believe, or they don’t have enough proof to believe.

  2.  It could cause a lot of government unrest if what you said spread to the media, although it would have to be believed with solid proof. You yourself could be among those arrested for going against the government and labelled as someone in need of mental help.

Many people that understand the things you understand are probably also afraid, they don't know if others feel the same way. And they fear the government because it has great power. But this is just a hunch, i'm not a psychologist or anything, so don't quote me on anything.

I'd be glad if the whole world just blew up one day, after some time maybe another civilization will pop up somewhere (if there already isn't) and have a much more stable way of life. Although I understand that life is not life without suffering this is just plain corruption. We can't turn back now, alternative energy plants are currently being built, but it'll take years to finish. We depend on petroleum products for shopping bags, water bottles, cosmetics (as I said before) its just not going to last with demands rising. We have to find alternative sources, and soon. But I don't even think that's going to last. This'll take centuries, but in the end the Earth will die, what lives must also die at one point.

Everything is about money nowadays, money money money money, it's all about gaining wealth, climbing to the top, living a life of "luxury" blah blah. I don't see the point of living an extravagant life, when did it become ingrained in people's minds that money is all and luxury is the best? Live a simple life with friends and family instead of getting a giant house where you don't even use half the rooms.
And yes, that is the purpose of the link, for sharing, it's not even mine, two people sent it to me.

You are truly a unique person Luna, I don't know if I want more people like you or less, but I look forward to having more conversations with you.

[Music Box] <-- Just for fun ;p

AuroraLaLune Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It isn't really digging if you simply don't ignore it like a lot of people do. As far as digging, it isn't any different than anything else I look up. 

Indeed, they think they are slick sometimes but often those 'subtle' things are glaringly obvious, like if it hit you in the face it couldn't be more obvious but I think some people still ignore it because it is unpleasant to admit. 

Well yeah, I didn't understand that as a kid, not why anyway, but even as a kid I knew why. He explained why. My mom explained why. A family friend explained why. The family friend had classified information under his finger tips at various points as well, I grew up knowing things I wasn't aloud to talk about because I wasn't supposed to know them to begin with. I grew up knowing 'this is what a phone tap sounds like' and 'this is the specific sound of feedback' and 'this is what happens when blah blah blah happens' because when I was told to turn off the computer when I wasn't using it or why I had to unplug certain things even when they were off, I wanted to know why. My grandfather wasn't going to lie to me and 'just because' didn't work. My ears can hear a little better than other people, yes they have been tested. Anyway, its easy for me to hear fluctuations in the background noise in electronics so I grew up saying 'our phone is tapped' 'nope, they went away' and 'oh someones listening now' Things like that. my mom had to teach me to stop saying it. 

Also, your half right. It is not fantastical, that not so subtle government crap is what tells us it is fantastical, what works to desensitize us before telling us event he smallest bits, what works to say 'anyone who notices has something wrong with them' rather than 'they are right' or 'we should investigate this ourselves and find out'. That is the psychology of propaganda and how it works. "accept this because this is the way it is", control of information, control of what people can do, control of what people can and cannot think usually through social means using people against one another in that aspect. It is sociology. Anyone who starts making too much sense is seen as a threat. 

now I will admit at eighteen after some stuff I did attempt suicide and I did end up in a mental health hospital for awhile because of it, but their was a man their who didn't belong at all. He was their and his family didn't even know he was gone, he had a different name but he said he gave some information to someone. Didn't you ever pay attention when news people said their contacts about certain things were fearful when the NSA crap came out? That whistle blowers were fearful of being caught. Well he was one and he was sent to another state. The hospital knew he was brought in by people who were feds and sometimes the people who were present when he was brought in would talk about it thinking nobody was listening. That is another thing, I find that if I am quiet most people never realize I am their, because if I am quiet and they are not looking at me sometimes people forget I am their. That is part of the stuff from when I was a kid btw, how I overheard some other stuff when people thought I was asleep. Anyway, a couple nurses would talk about it. Didn't you ever wonder 'why are they scared' 'what do they have to fear?' people are so stuck on how 'conspiracy theory' is part of some mental illness despite that it is not, that they label it and don't look twice. This man was forced to go by a name not his own and he was told the name he went by was a dead man who died while he was in the hospital. 

If you listen you can notice a lot of things that maybe sometimes people don't want you to. Mind you, I also shared a room with a lady who thought she was Jesus for awhile, apparently it was part of the accident she had been in, ever since a car wreck she thought she was Jesus. Her only lucid moments were asking for her children but her husband apparently divorced her while she was sick and told the kids she died. She wasn't a temporary resident like I was. Another person was put in because her mother in law called on her constantly and the attitude out here about mental illness is terrible, it is a incarcerate first ask questions later sort of attitude and she did have bipolar but everything was reasonable and her mother in law was just a controlling bitch. Another lady was in using her daughters social security to avoid cps showing up and trying to take her kids after the hospital reported her falsely because she wanted more information during a check up while pregnant. She was in and out pretty fast. Turns out, when they aren't just looking at your history sometimes people can see pretty clearly. She had bipolar too but took meds for it, was fine. The hospital just decided that since she wanted power over her own care that they would 'show' her that she didn't deserve or need it because a lot of people are dicks like that in this state, and with how cps is out here you can't have that on your record. She went home pretty quickly because of the lack of history on record because she was using her daughters social. The reality was she was stable but scared because if you have any history these places don't care, whatever anyone says about you is taken as if it is gold. That is what happened when they took my kids actually. didn't accuse me of anything accept thinking my cat could turn into a person. My kids had everything they needed, food medical roof over their heads cloths adult supervision time with other kids... everything even the things your not required by law to make sure they have even though it helps to have them, they weren't abused and it was never claimed they were. It was claimed only that I had a 'mental illness'. I have ptsd, which is nothing even close to that sort of symptomatology. Because I was never accused of anything one could be charged with as child abuse or neglect I was never brought up on criminal charges, but because they took my kids my name still went on the list saying I can no longer work with children because that is what they do. When they severed my rights it was the same sort of bogus crap. I had letters from psychiatrists the whole shebang but nobody cared. So yeah, that was what those mothers were scared of those years before I had kids myself when I was eighteen and ended up in the mental wards of a mental hospital for a little while. Their were some people who really were sick, a lady who rambled on and on unintelligibly. Another who had random outbursts where she didn't know who she talked to. Then their were the other stories in the hospital. The lady who was transfered because she complained about a sexual assault one of the male nurses did to her. They waited till she was down in the ward weeks before they did a rape kit. I was there, even then they told her to shower beforehand. That is all wrong. They covered for him and his pal on purpose. Because they knew she wasn't lying. After that they didn't just have her down as bipolar but gave her a new diagnosis to justify calling her crazy. She was an older woman, very kind and caring, very generous. Didn't deserve any of it. her brother the prick went along with whatever the hospital said, whatever the doctors signed off on. He didn't bother to consider that she was telling the truth once they decided to give her the new diagnosis. Those of us who were lucid enough to know and see were the ones who supported her, not the doctors or the nurses. Others told their stories about what had happened to them at various points. Even the lady who came in working peer support had stories, one in particular she had been raped in the mental health wing of a jail after taking her daughter back after her ex husband kidnapped her from school. Because while courts ordered her full custody, the cops wouldn't go get her even though they knew where she was and the judge who got the case heard 'mental illness' and suddenly lost his sense of the law. People are like that out here and others use that as an opportunity many times to hurt people because of it and use the fact people who should stop them won't stop them. i can name a lot of other stories to be honest but I won't. Many are similar, some are worse. They are not just stories but things people have lived. Our society is broken  because the people who live in it are that society and it is not the people they think are broken who are broken but the ones who think they are perfect enough to judge who is and is not. 

My grandfather was afraid people would think I knew because he told me or someone spilled the beans on purpose. When I was a kid their was one simple rule. It was impossible to keep a secret from me properly. My hearing was better, I had an IQ of 106 when I was in kindergarten, which if you didn't know is really good for a kindergarten. Their were no secrets from me when I was little. My uncle knew top secret stuff about some weapons, my mom was just normal navy but still she knew some stuff general public wasn't supposed to know, my dad was navy seal, my grandfather was ex special forces, miles had his fingers in pretty much everything and traveled a lot so he stumbled on a lot he shouldn't have, or maybe that was just miles for you. He has even been inside the library kept by the Vatican. The wait for that and all the red tape, he went through that. My grandmother was just sort of the evil woman who knew how to smile at the right times and oh, she was a great cook. Just... not very nice to me when we were alone. To put it mildly. Her connections were more like her, if she didn't like you and if their wasn't a way she could make you go away otherwise, she either paid someone or manipulated people who would act out in violence based on religion and whatnot to make it happen. That was how my dad died. I have always wondered if the neighbor who was found out back was her too but I could never prove it and she told the cops I was asleep before I could pipe up and say what I heard, which admittedly wasn't much anyway. Because yeah, id been awake. My blinds had been closed though so I didn't see anything and whoever did it was quiet accept the dragging, the thwacking sound, and the metallic dragging. For whatever reason though, she didn't want me talking to the police. No idea why, but I have some suspicions, I just don't draw conclusions without proof. I have no proof and it also could have been someone else. Either way, I would have preferred to tell them what I heard. She couldn't have dragged herself and they had the bruises showing post mordem movement. I had an interesting childhood, if you could call it that. Mom kept me mostly away from stuff but after she died she wasn't around to do that and grandmother didn't want me to be a kid and basically had me medicated for anything that was outside what she wanted, which cps had done too when I was a kid. Honestly, im surprised i am sane. I am though and I have the paperwork to prove it. just PTSD. But when you grow up in the system I think you either choose to ignore it or you can't help but notice all the crap wrong with it. 

Government unrest. Ha. I care not what they think. Government unrest. That is fancy talk for 'it would make them nervous', well good. let them be nervous. Then maybe they will think twice about wreather or not they do such terrible things or let people within their ranks who were not voted in mind you, get away with it. This country was originally built on the premise that no public service worker  was to be un elected. It morphed over the years to what it is now, now very few of our officials are elected and most are elected on false terms which in the beginning was illegal. So you know what? Let them be nervous. They should be. A lot of people talk about it, no few are not nearly as peaceful about it as I am. Some people talk about revolution if things aren't fixed. It really isn't as if I am the only one and a lot of people know because it is more obvious than you think. Maybe if they get nervous they will think 'maybe we shouldn't do that'. I doubt it but a woman can dream. 

Remember that thing I said about released government documents. Now saying their is no solid proof isn't fair when you prove you have yet to look shit up yourself. Admittedly, I have to ask for help for some things in particular because they aren't made easy to search for, but I can and they are linkable. They are online in the open Internet, just the searches are a little more specific than usual. They don't typically come up on general searches. people talking ABOUT them do, but not the documents themselves. Oh it gets weird at some points. I have to wonder who is crazy, the people in mental hospitals or the people who run our government. They seriously have a drill they do that they asked for zombie runners and other zombie apocalypse prep enthusiasts to help them create. yes, our government seriously has a drill for if the zombie apocalypse or im sorry, a zombie 'outbreak' actually happens. With the government, truth is stranger than fiction. Their was even one where they wanted a war with the middle east so they were trying to get president Bush(jr) to sign off on a plan to make something mysteriously like 9/11 happen to trick people into thinking we were attacked first and get public support under false pretenses. yes, it was like what happened with many deaths of innocent people involved. He didn't sign off on it. Instead an organization that up until then our government had been working with in the middle east to combat the previous regime did it. A lot of people suspect they found a way to circumvent the presidents veto of that 'plan' which had made it all the way to the presidents desk, yes, our congress seriously passed that crap. That is the sort of crap the presidents power to veto is supposed to stop. honestly, I was appalled myself and I only saw the paperwork a couple months ago. A lot of people have been upset about it for years. I didn't even know about it. It isn't stuff that gets put in the news, and stuff like that is why they say our news people are in the governments pocket and not really caring about stuff that happens, either that or really censored. 

Believe it or not, more people who are not oblivious exist than you think. 

Believe it or not, I do not fear the government, I fear the people who let them get away with it. The truth is, they do not have great power. They are each a man who only has as much power as we believe they do. I fear the people who believe them powerful, not the people in the government themselves. I know they are just people like you and me. I fear those who believe they are powerful, who instead of do something about it let them do it. Those who do not stand up to them or even make excuses for them. The people themselves are just people like you and me no matter how they try to project or pretend otherwise, or how much many of them seem to think otherwise. They can still die like you and me, can still cry like you and me, can still suffer like you and me, can still be happy and go through everything we can. It is just that people are under illusion that they have power. Truth is, if everyone stood up and said, you have no power, they wouldn't. During the government shut down people were removed from their homes because of just how conscious of that obama is, how insecure that made him feel. Because he had to make us suffer, had to make it a problem, when the truth was only a very small margin of our government is even remotely needed for we the people. A lot of funding goes into stuff officials create without public approval for it, without any vote from the public and most of it we hate as a general rule. When the government shut down happened people breaths sighs of relief and said 'OK'. So he spent more money he wasn't supposed to not getting what 'government shut down' means and tried to make it a police state kicking people out of homes bordering public or gov owned land etc etc etc. Oh and if you owned the house but not the sky or the ground under it(because some fancy language also has some technicalities meant only for extreme emergency for that as well-which he used when he isn't supposed to) you were evicted from a home you owned. He did that to a lot of people during the shut down. Do you see it on the news? No. Because that would remind us of his dark insecure childish ugly side, what many people refer to as his true colors. But people still talk about it. A lot of the stuff is sort of like that. It is available, government documents that were released are also available, yes I mean actual copied of documents about things that they have done etc etc etc... so don't talk to me about proof. If you want to find it, its findable. It isn't just 'some conspiracy theory' it is real stuff that really happened that those idiots we call government officials really did and really signed off on and really stood by and let happen. Some of it makes me want to puke to be honest. It is one of those technicalities they skirt by on in that law about transparency. Its public, we can access it, it just technically isn't as easy to find as anything else which technically it is never said that it had to be easy to find on the Internet if you didn't know where to look. I know someone who knows where to look. They showed me the documents. It works like that. I don't know without asking because while I know a lot, I don't know everything. 

You can find plenty of stuff though with a general search, just look at the images instead of all the posts otherwise. If you don't make it country specific you get a lot of stuff from other countries. It isn't a good way to find the meat of it, but it is a good way to figure out where to look for what you specifically want to know. Just find the programs the stuff talks about and then type those in and specify that you want the documents released by the government and skip all the outraged videos. You have to filter through what people are saying about it to find the documents themselves. i know my friend has a more straight to the point way of finding it but I never asked him what it was. He has this thing he types in after that takes him right to the document, but if you don't know what it is, it isn't easy to find at all. i don't know what it is so I have to go roundabout if I want to find something. The scenic route of researching things if you will. Also, ignore wikipedia. Sometimes its good as a reference point but for a source sometimes people just get on and add stuff to add stuff. Some searches are harder, because for instance the names of the projects. Like how our government picked up a project based on project monarch and names it something similar, well... try searching that and you come up with more about butterfly's than the project even if you specify "government project". That is part of what makes some things harder to find.… Here, this is a search I did that I adjusted for more specific wording for the name our government gave that program. The wording was "project mk ultra declassified documents" because that is what it is called when they release previously classified documents for public viewing. This one in particular was a project from the CIA. Their was quite a bit of stink when it came out that knowing the declassification was coming the CIA director at the time had documents burned and files erased. While some things are mentioned they were evidently deemed too horrible for them to admit to the American people to having done. The things that were part of the declassification though, those were horrible enough to cause quite a bit of unrest with those who read them. If you want to find the documents themselves online, I suggest you search, otherwise at the very least don't call me crazy. Those are photocopies of paperwork and things actually in it. Just the little clips that show up here are terrible. The actual documents are worse. Of course you also have the random images that are both unrelated or about it but not from it too, like the one… where it is talking about when people tried to say what was happening while it was happening. They were dismissed as crazy. MK Ultra happened. A lot of tests like it happened. The origin of MK ultra comes from nazi concentration camps. These weren't nice or even remotely humane tests and much of it was destroyed prior to release so we may never know just how bad it was. Think about that for a moment before you call me crazy. As far as I am concerned, their is something wrong with anyone who would do such things or condone them on anyone. 

I would be bitter sweet. I would mourn people, feel sad for the innocents if the world blew up and started over but... I also at this point have lost hope. If everyone on this planet accept those I care most for died, id just pick through the remains with them and hope the next cycle of humanity was better than this one. 

You are right, it won't last. I do not however think that everyone will die. Too many years growing up with an old legend. It is funny. you know the Christian legend of the end is from priests of another religion entirely? Revelations. It is very symbolic and it is also the oldest book in the published bible. The rapture is never something Jesus says he will be part of or will ever talk about in the bible. That is people drawing conclusions and making connections that aren't honestly their because revelations is older by a long shot, older than the documents that comprise the rest of the old testament as well. Their is an ancient story that has not had so much get lost in translation. It is when the earth calls for us and we answer that it will be decided who lives to see the next. It has nothing to do with anything Christians talk about or the conclusions they try to twist out of it or are taught about it. See, many ancient belief systems are that as humans we rise and fall as we rise too far and cause too much harm, we fall and start again. The Hopi are one of the peoples who still carry this belief today(I am not HOPI, just passing on an example you might better understand) and believe it will happen again. Many ancient peoples some having survived some having not, told such stories. It is something also supported by our human history, the things we find of ancient peoples. I do not believe it will be as easy as everyone dies. I think mother nature offers a hand to those who will listen first as it has been in times before so it will be again. That is what I believe about that. I do not believe it will take centuries from now. The earth does not stop spinning and wars do not start on the battlefield, they start long before they are noticed. I think, like that comparison that it has already begun. it is simply our choices that will decide if we live or we die. It will not matter who holds the money, who holds an imaginary power and abuses people with it, none of it will matter because many people will be dead. The sad truth is their will be people who try to hold onto power and they too will pass. Because the old cycle has no business in the new one accept as a cautionary tale. As it was before so it shall be again. I cannot say how long, many wars last long years, but I can say this. People are dying already and birth rates have dropped, the same mistakes are being repeated and old caution has been ignored for 're writing' and white washing. All things warned against. All things we should all know are wrong. And we do, in various cultures and paths their are ways in which it translates but people who do not remember want people who do to forget so they can be more comfortable with how things are and where they are going, so their insecurity about why their way of life destroys the planet yet those people are happy living in harmony with it and have more for it... so they themselves will not question how they live. It is much as ironically, my grandmother would say. 'mystery likes company'. Some people like dragging others down with them to forget the path they themselves go down. That is what it means, or at least what it is supposed to mean. Today people usually just gloss over it and some people have slightly different twists on it. That makes it no less a twist on it though. My grandmother simply was miserable and wanted someone to be miserable with her. Not everyone is like that but usually that is how the phrase is taken today. My grandmother, by dragging me down with her got to forget how much of her misery was her own doing, that she was the one who hurt others, that she was the one with the twisted soul for all she did. It was in some fucked up way, also part of it that she reminded me then denied having said anything at all. She liked to mess with people, not the sort people do in play either, the sort that makes you wonder if your going crazy or not. In categories of abuse that is known as crazy making, because it can literally make you feel and even think you are going crazy even if you are perfectly sane. 

That's funny, I could give a rats ass about money and a lot of people are like me. it is just that society forces us to care at least enough to pay bills and then the government taxes people over over half their wages by the time every tax has been levied. Inflation goes up more because of taxes than anything else. It would not be so high nor would it have gone so high so fast if taxes did not go up every year to pay exorbitant funding to programs the public would sooner commit mass suicide than be part of, or you know, overthrow the government than pay for. I think that is why so few people when they talk about things like MK Ultra, they never say "tax dollars went to funding this" because it is just to terrible to think about. Some people do but... not in such a way, it is a sore subject, that our government taxes us as they do and then uses that money not for things needed as it was originally for, but for many things not needed that are so they can control us. That is what MK Ultra was about. That is what abuse in general in any sort of form or sort of relationship is about, control. It is not about love, not about care, it is about control. Those people were terrible people and that one program is one of many. 

So yes, the documents exist. If you would like I can ask my friend to search up the direct link to the full document. Or I could attempt to find it on my own. 

Because I really hate it when people try to creatively word things so as not to call me crazy that are just that, creatively worded to make something sound as if it is not when the reality is the word patterns indicate skepticism, especially when mentions of proof or documentation are ignored. This is the typical meaning of such wordings. Even if done in a friendly manner, that is what it means when no tone is present to indicate otherwise. honestly, even when tone of voice is present I have never in my life heard it from anyone without that tone. It is part of the reason my grandfather used to tell me to learn to shut my mouth when I was a small child. In my defense, i did learn just not necessarily the all encompassing shut up he wanted. I know when to and when not to. He wanted me to never speak of it though. I am far too honest for that. I hate such injustices and never felt many things that were wrong were in any shape of the word right and even as a little girl understood secrecy only made it easier for people to get away with doing bad things. He never understood their was a reason besides that I was a small child in his eyes, too young to understand. I remember the logic and I still feel that way as an adult. I also however have an added part to it that I didn't have then because I didn't fully understand, I feel accountability needs to come with transparency. I feel both are needed, not just one or the other but both. Accountability does not truly exist when one can withhold what they have done and does so in our government or with government officials etc etc etc. At the same time I don't think it is the governments job to spy on people the way they do. I think if you get a court order and let that person know, that is fine. But to just secretly spy on them is wrong and an invasion of privacy and something basic we should all be able to expect and live with. The truth is, it is very violating to know people go through your personal e mails and whatnot and appalling to know that many people who tried to say it was happening over the years were called crazy and medicated for conditions they did not have because people said 'that is crazy' and felt they had the right to make that decision without asking the questions themselves and doing research. My grandfather never explained why accept that we would end up on some watch list or get taken by someone if we weren't quiet enough about certain things. now he denies most of it, not all but most. Ever since the extent of the nsa's spying came out he has been like that. I don't think he had realized it was not only still going on but had expanded since his day to encompass more people and use more excuses no matter how obscenely ridiculous those were. When he did he refused to talk about anything anymore like we used to. because once I overheard it i couldn't unhear it anymore than anyone could unsay it. The only one who thought things could be taken back or seemed to was grandmother. Mom knew, grandfather knew, grandmother didn't, or at least she tried to pretend things that were said weren't said a lot. She had this disconnect from reality because of it, a lack of acceptance that made reality all the harder to handle because she did that. 

money is a worthless thing of which the only worth it has is what peoples words say it has. People pretended it held worth and power until they themselves over generations, grew to believe it did. The only power it holds is what we believe it does. If businesses stop accepting it, if people stop using it, it would hold no power. Sure the government would try and force us to abide by that but it would end badly. It is part of the reason a lot of unfair crap happens to people in co ops. Because gov doesn't like the idea people can live without money and only sell just enough for taxes and trade as much as possible to get what is needed then grow the rest etc etc etc. because it doesn't support the ideas that bring them more money from oil giants etc etc etc when people step up and live coexisting with the earth. If we live like that the imaginary power they have slips away. That is what that boils down to. Greed in general has always been present but the easier something is to get the greedier people get. Sort of like 'power corrupts. absolute power corrupts absolutely' just with greed and power being how easy something is to get even when they have not done anything worth while. 

Hm, you are as well. It is not often I speak of these things anymore let alone in detail. Unlike you however I believe their should be more not less people who are aware and not afraid to speak about the issues. If people ignore them they cannot be fixed and will only get worse faster. Like if you ignore an infection and don't treat it how it spreads and gets worse till it kills you, well that is what corruption is like if you consider our government as the body and corruption as the infection. It works the same in comparison anyway. At this point it is more like a festering wound so fubar their is nothing we can do about some parts accept remove them entirely. Once you cross certain lines I think that is all their is left to do besides try and make things up to those hurt by it. I mean, like the CIA, I think that is one of those spots that should just be cut off, I think their are other things that should just be removed as well... because no matter the purpose they are supposed to serve they don't because they are so bad they do nothing they were meant to do and everything they were meant to prevent. CIA was never meant to do crap like that. They were meant to keep an eye out and be a sort of watch dog against crap like that during a time people became aware crap like that existed. Without accountability they become something unrecognizable, much like cps. The NSA is another thing that came from the CIA going out of control and is itself out of control and just another bit of festering infection beyond saving. It is possible by the way for an infection to get that bad that it kills the flesh it is infecting. One of my friends who lives in Oklahoma got a really bad infection like that from a piercing. Apparently the person was re using the needles and hadn't told him... or the previous person who had mersa. A regular infection can get like that too though and without antibiotics, before them, things that their weren't remedies to solve infection wise... those things often did that. It wasn't uncommon to have to burn or remove part of a wound that had become infected. That is the origin of 'scraping' a wound. Nasty business. Anyway, their is a point however that an infection is beyond antibiotics. Many things at this point are beyond saving in our government. 

i think the fact Hollywood has more say in what we the people do or talk about or write about etc etc etc than we do when it comes to that sort of stuff says enough too, that itself is just part of what is seeping out of an oozing wound of corruption. However like an infected wound, the stuff that oozes out isn't quite as bad as the infection itself, only what is oozing out because the body can't hold it all in anymore. Really, it is a disgusting way to say it but it is the same when you realize how deep the corruption goes and how bad it is. I am more disgusted by that than by the most mangled infected wound... and those can get pretty nasty. Some human beings are just stinking piles of refuse rather than good upstanding individuals despite those stinking piles of crap often put on a face because they want others to think they are that face instead of a stinking pile of shit.… I liked your just for fun link so here is one from me. 

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Well, I was just saying that I haven't really been paying attention to the news or reading as much articles as I used to. I've been mainly focused towards other things. Yesterday I watched the news for a bit, although I know it isn't always the best source of information. The governor of Chicago was trying to get together a plan for the city's budget and it was supposed to be decided by the house floor, but instead they were wishing happy birthday to one of the members and discussing minor issues. It just something I found interesting.

I clicked on the link on your profile (…) I find it a bunch of bs, I mean, defiance can be a problem, but I don't think it should be classified as a mental disorder unless it gets extremely out of hand. Plus, it specifies children, not adults in their 20-40s. The article did make me very angry. They try to eliminate all their enemies and they hide from the truth, they are scared, but with money you can manipulate people into doing immoral things. I understand what you mean, all those people didn't even belong in a mental ward, but once you're labeled as "crazy" very few people even look your way, much less believe you. That's one of the government's way of stopping the public from information I guess.

I never doubted that you had solid proof, I guess it was just bad wording. That link you provided was very helpful though. Many of the documents were hard to read but I found a couple higher resolution ones. They kept mentioning that the public should not know, nor the enemy forces, yet they declassified the files. They even mentioned that a doctor died in the process. I did some research on LSD and it sounds terrible, even a tiny bit could cause hallucinations, and they tested with large doses on unwilling people. I wonder what the results proved. I know that is not the only one, there were hundreds of experiments.

I know what you mean about money. Money is only worth what people think it's worth. Slap a number 10 on a green piece of paper and cloth, it's now worth something as long as you say it is. Even if its worthless on its own. It's like taking a pine needle and saying that its worth something, it works only when others use it to, if you go into another country and offer a pine needle in exchange for food they're gonna think you're being a moron. I don't remember what that is called, but there is a word for that where you make money that is only worth as much as it's said to be worth.

You make a valid point about not fearing the government. Their position makes them powerful, yet if they act out against everyone who spreads that they are corrupt they're going to get noticed, because the people of the nation outnumber that of the government (obviously). It actually reminds me of a tower defense game, where you set up towers to defend yourself and the enemy can send things to try and get past your defenses and essentially overpower them to drain your health. The government are the towers and the citizens are the troops. (its like war actually) The problem is that no matter how corrupt we still need laws to maintain order. It would be great if we could just create a whole new government. I'd prefer that over anarchy.

I've been getting suicidal thoughts lately, and I'm just saying, wouldn't it be better to just blow everything up, burn the chaos? I know that's cowardly and I'm not seriously considering blowing up the world mind you, but it just seems like a valid option I guess.. I'm also not considering suicide or anything, don't get the wrong idea. 

I don't think that we should just ignore the things going on, you treat the wound and stop it, and don't let it fester into a more evil thing. Like a person, if they were infected and needed parts to be cut off (if it were at the intensity of which you describe the government I'd say they would need a leg or arm amputated), the person would still need help, from another person perhaps in order to assume their role, whether as a parent, educator, or worker etc. We would in turn need to replace parts of the government to if we were to cut parts of it off other wise it would not function correctly, as a lawmaking body, but if you were to cut off unnecessary parts, (like a human's appendix in comparison), then you could probably resume with little effect.

btw, just as a fun fact, your previous comment measured to about 6470 words and filled up 7 pages in size 12 font. Just if you want to know. erm.. 
AuroraLaLune Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
pretty much about sums up what most politicians are like... that meeting I mean. IF he was really trying to get serious issues discussed then he was honestly not as bad as the rest of them. I am not familiar with that person so I can't tell you what they are like as a general rule, I can just say that most just go along with the little crap that isn't part of anything important to the issues, coming first during times the issues are supposed to be being dealt with. Even if it is my birthday at work, I still need to work. Might bring something during lunch but still gotta do my job. Those people weren't doing their jobs. Shame on them. 

To your entire second paragraph. Exactly, and without awareness on this issue it will continue to be that way. It needs to stop being that way. 

Yeah, those experiments and those like them were about controlling people, controlling the population, manipulating them so the power would lie more with the government with no chance of that ever changing. And yeah, they were terrible experiments in which not only doctors but those being unwillingly and often unknowingly experimented on. Their were many tests that were done on people in hospitals without consent or knowledge of the person being tested on as well which gets scary. i mean, I didn't like hospitals before but... that doesn't make me like them or give me any reason to feel at ease in them. I already didn't like them because sometimes they do things and get away with things they shouldn't, often resulting in the death of people like my fiancee's late wife. Her's was more than the hospital... but still. Plus a lot of hospitals now just call cps or take custody of kids like they are cps whenever they disagree with the parents. It is utter madness. I don't like hospitals. Not for the same reason I didn't like them as a child... I refused to go into them for years after my mom died. I had always hated them. The beeping and the death and the sickness... and the way people would smile but not mean it and the way some people would do things they weren't supposed to that were wrong... I hated them then. It is funny... not same reason but also, part of my reasoning for not liking hospitals NOW is the same. I hate it when people abuse power and do things they shouldn't to other people, that they get away with it just makes it worse. If I can I avoid hospitals. I am usually surprised if I am treated well because of attitudes in my state and the fact I have a diagnosis, ptsd. Some people are just uneducated about it, no matter how many times they say 'im a doctor' that doesn't mean they know everything and most are ignorant assholes when it comes to anything like that, either that or they know they can get away with claiming something to get what they want when they aren't getting what they want... and they do it, usually at your expense. Because they are giant spoiled brats wearing doctors coats. Basically. Not all of them, but truly it only takes one really bad one to make someone leery and cautious of the rest... and I have run into more than a few of them in my lifetime. if I can, I avoid the hospital. If I feel it is absolutely necessary I go. Period. 

Fourth paragraph down. Exactly. Exactly what I was saying about that. Ah, it's what America does. Most countries have their money backed by silver or gold or even oil... or they do trade or they do both... but our country, while it originally started out backed by gold and silver it is not. if we were asked to support its value we would not be able to. The ability to do that was lost a long time ago, long before I was even born. 

paragraph five. Not exactly what I was saying but close enough. You got most of it. I never said I was for anarchy. Human beings naturally like any other creature do not do well with anarchy and will and do when in situations where government ceases to exist, form their own ways of having rules and enforcing them. Anarchy however is not a term meaning no government, they are generally, anarchists I mean, people who are pissed off at the government and just don't want THIS government or its laws... they do not always realize when rules aren't present people make them... but... they do realize how things are is wrong. I have a friend who is an anarchist but he is blue not red. Their is a difference, he isn't violent, if you have a red anarchist symbol on you jails and prisons will put you in special cells and whatnot, because government fears anarchists. When he went way back in the day because he'd been homeless and slept some place that got him put in jail for trespassing evidently(even though it was abandoned and the owner essentially had been watching the whole time waiting for an opportunity to do this which I think is just crappy-it was an ill maintained property-he used the toilet once so he was also charged with theft... his lawyer was crap and this was in a state with a 99 percent conviction rate but a high rate for appeals as well... if you had a lawyer that gave two shits)... anyway, the guards and whatnot saw his tattoo and asked him some questions. Was he going to get violent etc etc etc... because they knew blue meant something different than red. Anyway, yeah... because anarchists are saying 'fuck this government and anything they do or use to enforce what they do'... they are seen as dangerous in some avenues. Essentially though, they simply have renounced the government as their master and have decided to... directly go against it, sort of like rebels but less organized and more just angry at 'the man' in general. If they had more direction and purpose they could be quite dangerous to any government whose country an anarchist is in however they do not. The only reason our government fears them is because they know this, in fact it was anarchists who finally tore down the wall separating north and south Korea. "Anarchists" do not necessarily hate rules. They simply hate the way things are. Period. On the flip side however, not everyone who hates the way things are is an anarchist. Most people want something in place if this government goes down, some sort of stability so their isn't looting and whatnot... and since anarchists appear to support simply wiping it out without having any plan as to what to do afterwards... well... most people who hate our government aren't anarchists. 

Sixth paragraph. No. Humans are chaos. We are the only ones who can go against the natural flow and do, who presume to be bigger than we are. To burn the chaos would mean to destroy the human race including you and everyone you love. 

Do I sometimes think maybe we need some sort of proverbial brush fire to burn up all the evil fuckers in this world??? Yes... but I don't dare say it lest someone take that in a way it isn't meant to be and actually do it. 

I think if you need help for that suicidal stuff I have a number you can call if you would like, www.suicidepreventionlifeline.…, in fact here it is. It is a national hotline open 24/7 according to the website. If you need help you can msg me or call them. Just please do not commit suicide. 

Seventh paragraph. Yep. Pretty much. Only with one thing you didn't quite get. Many part that need trimmed from our government are like the bodies appendix, you don't need it. nobody needs it. In fact scientists often ask 'what is this thing even for?' So basically... you could live and thrive without it. In fact, I had an appendectomy years ago. if anything I have been healthier without it. Think of it like that and you will understand what I was saying about much of the corruption in our government. And smaller government is more reasonable to police and keep trimmed up, like a bush you trim to make sure it stays healthy and doesn't get or stay sick even when some sick parts show up. Like that. Right now it is like a whole forest of sick growth grown out of control making other things sick and die too. nature would handle that the same way we would handle if someone needed a body part removed because an infection was so bad... she would get rid of it. Most of the worst parts of corruption are unnecessary to our government and are not even remotely necessary to the running of this country. Our government tries to make like they are but they are not. We don't need the NSA or anything where someone who wasn't elected is part of it. What we need is a new way of handling what people need like not taxing them into the ground or paying politicians exorbitant sums of money or giving them special stuff on tax dollars etc etc etc. 

I uh... sometimes type a lot. Ok, I just type a lot. lol Especially about things I feel strongly or when I am not comfortable discussing it but feel it needs to be said... I type a lot. I also type quickly which probably doesn't help. lol 

It was interesting to know. I have never measured how long one of my comments was. Now I understand a friends joking about sometimes me writing novels for such a little better. lol xp

Just for fun.……
Doranx Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015  New Deviant
I really love ur artworks n I am totally inspired by u!! ^__^
IsabelCursiPop Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful both. The illustration and the message Clap 
IsabelCursiPop Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful both. The illustration and the message Clap 
BBMcKenzie Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love your art!
Nick-Ian Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful! I love the message behind this image.
LilyBlight Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015
This work has been featured here,, for world oceans month.:love:
browneyedserenade Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015  New Deviant
beautiful symbolism 
Dark-Lighting Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015
"Where villains spend the weekend,

the deepend,

we're swimming with the sharks until we drown"
Shyy-Art Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
i'd love to see art on boycott seaworld, so many people are so naive about the abuse of their beautiful animals. Animals are not for entertainment.
It's just an idea cx
Kradath Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015
Allow me to introduce: the mermaid of the future. 2% Nature, 44% Pollution, 54% Human Insanity.
Seafoam-Feathermist Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
im terrified of 2030.
Kradath Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015
Well, I'm terrified just now, so... xD.
Seafoam-Feathermist Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kradath Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015
Seafoam-Feathermist Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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This is crazy! I keep seeing my favorite artworks here! ones i found on google images, im so happy i found the artist that drew them all, unknowingly, ive been a huge fan of you and your art work for over five years, this is a personal favorite of mine, since before i didnt know the name of it, me and my brother named it polution, but guilty is far better a name. Yuumei, I am truly inspired by your art, it is so beautiful. Thank you for uploading your art (: without it the world would be a little less beautiful.
Castel-Eown Featured By Owner May 20, 2015
A very powerful art. Great job.
DreamDragonGoddess4 Featured By Owner May 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg I love this piece
WhiteLedy Featured By Owner May 19, 2015
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It looks beautiful, and the concept is great :3
veganartbook Featured By Owner May 10, 2015
This is so beautiful! One of the many reasons why I became a vegan :)
raptorkil Featured By Owner Edited May 9, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
we had an assignment in art class to paint something similar to this .w. though our teacher said we couldn't paint sharks because there are no recognized endangered species... really dude? XI
HeardDdragon Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree 
pulution is th worst.

do we want an apocalypse?

eha people.
no no we dont
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:iconheartsignplz: :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:........ :icongiveflowerplz:
rina131 Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Student Filmographer
The meaning in this picture can show a thousand words. The woman or girl represents humans and the shark, seagull and turtle represent all the animals that are getting harmed by nets and garbage we throw into the ocean. The blood that makes the woman's hair means that all of blood is being spilled due to people that harm innocent animals by their nets. I understand where this is coming from Yuumei
Myebi Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, the woman's hair is oil spill, and polution consequences >v<
BethaMosca Featured By Owner May 2, 2015
I have literally never seen an artist using issues like this in their personal page. Thank you really really much!
ultimatede Featured By Owner May 1, 2015
This is spectacular!
Nortti-Fantasy-NYCE Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015
Again outstanding work
cupcakealina Featured By Owner Edited Apr 29, 2015
Can I please use the concept of this drawing? Of course, I will add a link of this drawing, and I wont draw THE SAME ONE LIKE IN HERE!
Kyruto-Chan Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my god.....Yuumei you have an amazing way of interpreting issues and emotion like no other...

You are officially my favorite artist of all time.
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